A new wave of children's winter jackets is here!

Our goal is to help reduce stress and add convenience to parents by never having to worry about your kids having cold fingers in the winter again...all through a sustainable approach.

Do your kids have a hard time keeping their mittens on in the winter?

Do your kids lose their mittens or come home with only one?

You have found your solution.

Pay It Forward Program

Discover the impact of our specially designed mitt coats, a game-changer for children with special needs such as Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and more. Parents rave about how these coats keep their children's mittens on in the winter, making life easier for everyone involved. Inspired by these stories, we're launching our Pay It Forward Program. Join us in spreading warmth and joy by donating to provide these coats to families in need. Together, we can make winters a little easier for children who need it the most.

All coats will be donated to our Preferred Partner, Gillette Children's.

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  • Custom Design

    We designed our coats with you and your child in mind! Does your child have a hard time keeping their mittens on in the winter? Or does he/she always seem to lose one or both of their mittens? This design ensures neither of those will ever happen again...all through a sustainable approach.

  • We Care About the Environment

    At Arctic Wave, we choose materials that are recyclable and sustainable.  Our jackets are made from recycled polyester and all packaging is made out of compostable materials. Our children are the future, so why not do what we can to help the environment now...for them in the future.

  • We Recycle in More Ways Than One

    We use recyclable polyester and packaging, recycle any out-grown jackets, and donate to a local charity helping warm the children with recycled jackets!  Interested? Learn how you can get involved and save on a future purchase: hello@arcticwaveco.com.

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