About Me

Who is behind Arctic Wave?                         

             Family outdoor photo         


Hi!  My name is Gina Sundeen.  My husband and I have been married since 2009, we have three kiddos, our son and twin girls, and live in the Twin Cities (MN). Like many parents of young children who live in a colder climate, we have bought what feels like hundreds of mittens/gloves over the years. Where do they disappear to? How is it possible to lose that many individuals or pairs of mittens?  I equate it to the mystery of disappearing socks...

Although the clips, strings, and snap solutions are all great, those pesky hand warmers seemed to keep disappearing. I thought there had to be a better way. How could I make our mornings less stressful and chaotic?  How could I prevent my three kiddos from losing one or both of their mittens on what seemed like a weekly, or daily basis?  How could I prevent their little wrists from getting snow on them every time they played outside?

I searched and couldn't find what I wanted: a warm, sustainable children's winter puffer jacket with built-in mittens.  So I started sketching, asking my kids along with friends' kids for guidance on color schemes, design, functionality, etc. because let's face it, who else will give you the most direct and honest feedback you could ask for?! From there, on to production and sample after sample until we got the design right!  And so Arctic Wave was born...

It has been a long road with manufacturing due to COVID, but we did it! I hope you enjoy...and thank you for being here and coming along on this journey with me! And as always, I would love any feedback since you are what makes this all possible and will be invaluable in helping improve and perfect the design and functionality of our jackets.