5 tips for packing away winter gear

5 tips for packing away winter gear

Spring has sprung! 🌷

Well, kind of.  It doesn't necessarily feel or look like it here in MN, but hopefully, it does near you. And if not, hopefully, it does soon. 🤞

Now that the weather is turning, it's time to clear out our winter gear and make room for spring jackets, raincoats, rain boots, and soon enough, sandals. Do you ever struggle with staying organized? If you said yes, you are not alone!  Here are a couple of tips to clean out your closets and get organized for the next season. 

  1. Bins, bins, and more bins! Nothing helps you stay more organized than bins with labels telling you exactly what is in each bin. I have bins sorted out by my boots, my husband's boots, kid's boots, jackets, mittens/gloves/hats/scarves, and snow pants.
  2. Wash everything before packing them away. Dirt, odor, and oils can set, discolor or ruin your clothing while packed away.  
  3. For boots and shoes, sprinkle a little baking soda in them before packing them away to help from the bin getting stinky.  When ready to use them next winter, simply pour out any excess baking soda.
  4. Use DIY mothballs in your bins to prevent a musty smell and to deter any insects or critters. Click here for instructions on how to make your own sachets. 
  5. Fold your bulky coats so you can fit more in your bins! Here is a good tutorial I made to show you how to save space by folding your jackets. By using this method, they layer perfectly in your bin.

Have any other tips that I forgot? Send them to me by shooting me an email or DM on social media; I'm all about tips and tricks to make life easier! 

Until next time,

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