Our new Pay It Forward program we're launching

Our new Pay It Forward program we're launching

We have been pretty quiet with blog posts and social media, and the reason is two-fold. We’ve been busy gathering vital feedback from customers to continue to improve and innovate our coats (stay tuned for more on that) and we have been busy building our new ‘Pay It Forward’ program, which we couldn’t be more excited about!!

During this past winter, we have received the most heart-warming and goosebump-worthy emails from our customers. Stories such as:

✨ “We just moved back to the northeast - one day when we were out on a walk and our son (5, diagnosed with autism and Jacobsen syndrome) kept taking off his mittens. The coat has been a game changer for us!”

✨ “My son has special needs and he will not keep mittens on which causes so many issues in the winter. He was not able to go out at recess at school because it would be too cold for his hands. So when I found your product, I was elated!”

✨ “We are so excited to get this jacket for our son, who has Down Syndrome, and has a hard time keeping mittens on.”

✨ “My daughter has a birth injury and we could not find anything for her, yet. Thank you for having a product that helps kids with special needs.”

Receiving multiple emails like this has led us to our ‘Pay it Forward’ program where we will donate all coats to Gillette Children's in Minnesota. We want to get even more coats in the hands of children who could benefit from them the most...children who need an adaptive coat, or where having attached mittens or gloves would make their winters a little bit easier with all that they have going on. This program will not only be helping children in our community, but you will also be receiving a tax deduction, and supporting our small business. 

We are beyond excited about this new partnership as we launch Pay It Forward, and we hope it will make an impact in the lives of many families in need! 🙌

Learn more here: https://arcticwaveco.com/products/pay-it-forward 

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